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Who We Are

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Hello, and welcome to Trailers Fort!!!

First and foremost, who are we and why are we in business? Trailers Fort is a group of dedicated trailer experts who are passionate about helping those seeking great deals on new and used trailers. What we do is take your trailer criteria (type of trailer and trailer use) combined with the price you’re looking for – and search the market for the best value, so you don’t have to!

We appreciate your business, and thank-you for stopping by. Please feel free to comment on any of our posts and we hope you enjoy your stay.

New Inventory on

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Can’t find that perfect trailer or price? Check our latest new and used inventory now available on Colorado

Colorado Trailers is the website we’ll be using (powered by for closeout deals on both new, and used trailers for sale.

Whether you’re looking for a BigTex, H&H, Look or literally just about any other brand then you’ll likely find it on our new discount center, — Good stuff, check it out.

As always, we appreciate you stopping by and we invite you to join our trailer buyers assistance program if you’re unsure of what you need, we can also help you get the best price on the market.

Travel Trailers Quick Facts

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Here’s some quick travel trailer facts:

  • Travel trailers are the most popular type of trailer on the market.
  • These trailers come in all sizes, shapes and styles.
  • They can offer slide outs, awnings, pass-thru storage and pop-outs.
  • Can accommodate up to 12 people, depending on the size.
  • Are towed by pickup trucks, SUVs or cars, again, depending on size.
  • Most affordable option for those serious about using a RV.

What travel trailer facts do you want to share?  We want to hear them!

What is a Fifth Wheel Trailer?

December 3, 2013 | Uncategorized | Permalink

A fifth wheel trailer is a type of recreational vehicle that utilizes what’s called a fifth wheel. The fifth wheel is actually the hitch. Because of this special type of hitch, a fifth wheel can be much wider, larger and heavier than your standard RV, like a travel trailer. You do need a pickup truck capable of towing a fifth wheel safety, which will cost quite a bit more, but with financing a fifth wheel and pickup truck is the way to go.

Fifth wheel trailers offer the same luxuries as other recreational vehicles and can often be the go to type of RV before investing flat out in a motorhome. Motorhomes can be costly, too, often costing as much as a small house and fifth wheels can rival that. With the right fifth wheel and towing vehicle, you can get everything you ever needed in the RV lifestyle and you can enjoy it more than you ever thought possible. Fifth wheels may be expensive, but in the long-term, they will save you more money than you can ever dream of.

A fifth wheel can make the difference between taking your family on some of the most memorable vacations and relying on more expensive destination trips. A fifth wheel can open up the possibilities of what is and isn’t possible on and off road, no matter where you head to in the United States. Fifth wheels are one of the better ways to take advantage of what you want to get out of the recreational vehicle lifestyle.

Why a RV is Right for You

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RVs, or recreational vehicles, are one of the biggest investments you can make in your vacation future. While recreational vehicles may seem expensive and out of your reach, they can often be financed just like a traditional car. This makes them more affordable than ever with monthly payments, insurance premiums and other expenses, and when you look at how much money you save by investing in a RV now, you’ll be amazed you didn’t do it sooner.

Traditional vacations cost a lot of money. Travel costs, hotels, meals and entertainment can quickly add up especially if you head to big cities or tourist traps. If you opt to invest in a RV, you can hit the road when you want on your own schedule. You can choose where to park, whether it’s at a trailer park, campsite or a friend’s driveway. You can choose what you eat or better yet, make your own meals and you can often find places to go that entertain you themselves.

You can see things across America that others only dream of getting out and seeing. You can tour National Parks, see holes in the wall and other natural areas of the country that most bypass completely for more exciting vacations, like Disney World or Six Flags. If you still want to go see Disney World or Six Flags, you can, too, but you’ll just have to pay for park admission and not everything else that goes along with getting there and staying there, too.